Spain is different | Destila MAD is different.

MAY – 20/21 – 2024 – IFEMA Madrid


The largest national event dedicated to the bar



4,000m2 of commercial exhibition area, with more than 150 operators who will make their best staging. A space full of opportunities to explore new products and innovations. And with which you can interact to obtain detailed information about their products and services

Lab and Tasting Room

They add a practical and sensory dimension to the learning experience

Business school / Meeting Room / Bookstore

Designed to meet, interact, and generate business


An area dedicated to the world of coffee, tea, cocoa, products, and machinery related to their production. Who doesn’t love a good coffee?

The Raceme

A space designed to teach and promote our traditional grape-based drinks. The diversity and richness that we have in Spain when we talk about wine and its derivatives is fascinating

Corner talk

Works and discussion area, where operators and leaders of recognized prestige will make presentations, talks, and group meetings discussing current issues and content of great value.

The Bar Show

Where you will constantly find some of the most outstanding venues serving drinks. There will be low-alcohol beverages, non-alcoholic options, and the most innovative and healthy proposals of the moment.


It will be in this area of innovation where we will provide tools and resources for both physical and mental self-care that the new generations demand so much.

Main Stage

The main stage will have a demanding selection of presentations with an approach 100% educational and innovative that will be managed by Liquid Experience to ensure the presence of authentic professionals from the bar´s world.

DestilaMAD It's for you

6 Reasons to visit Destila MAD 2024

You will find the latest trends and new products within the bar´s world.
You will live a different educational experience, focused 100% on the experiential part.
For the first time, you will find a meeting point for the different disciplines inside the bar world.
A global content proposal with master classes, and special value in Spanish products.
You´ll build valuable relationships with industry professionals in spaces designated for it.
We will provide you with tools and formulas to increase your income statement and that economic return that you are looking for.


On May 20 and 21, Madrid will become the epicenter of the bar industry. As a preview, admission to DestilaMAD will be completely free for a limited time. Don’t miss it, sign up.


We’re working on it. Coming soon + info

“The BAR in a very dynamic sector where adapting is crucial, and we are convinced that education plays a key role. For this reason, we are designing with Liquid Experience a program with high educational value. That will be governed by modern, practical and interactive activities developed by the best in the different disciplines that are developed day by day at the BAR."

Who We Are

Destilad MAD was born with the vision of creating an integrating space where all facets of the bar world find their place, thus promoting the creation of a more innovative, modern, and stronger industry. We firmly believe that the union of all specialties in a single space is the key to the collective strengthening of our guild.


Our Management STAFF is no stranger to the sector:

Marcos Granda

(Waiter with 7 Michelin stars) who will bring his extensive experience as an entrepreneur and his vision in the lounge, towards a more humane and managerial path, taking care of the human teams.

Javier Caballero

(World’s Best Bartender Award), He will be at the forefront of content planning to achieve a disruptive agenda, different and with a real educational value, with the collaboration of experts not only from the world´s bar.

Media Partner:

DESTILAMAD BAR SHOW HUB is a space that was born with the vision of integrating the different facets of the bar world to strengthen the union of each of its specialties, promoting a more innovative, modern and inclusive industry.

Promotion of Spirits Culture

DestilaMAD aspires to be a platform dedicated to the training, promotion, and divulgation of our spirits



DestilaMAD upholds as an irrefutable principle a solid commitment to the promotion of responsible consumption.


Alejandra Baranda
+34 671 202 511

Andres Molina
+34 664 434 653

Francisco Castro
+34 633 030 283